About us

I grew up in rural Indiana on a farm. In a wonderful old farmhouse that was made with wood from the trees from the farm the house was on. Everyday I was surrounded by wooden fixtures, an old barn, and saw the beauty of wood.

My brother and I also grew up playing board games and Legos. One particularly fun memory was combining three Monopoly games and adapting the rules to play. Later on when we were both in college he introduced me to Puerto Rico and Settlers of Catan. From then on I was hooked, we both ended up attending Gen Con that year.

Moving forward I started building my game collection. I found that Carcassonne was particularly unwieldy, and there really was no good way to store the game and all of its many expansions. I started designing a foam board solution and found it lacking for the many many tiles involved. Around this same time I learned of a new co-working studio in town called Matchbox. Inside they had a maker lab with a 3d printer and a laser cutter. Soon after Nuggit Games was born.

After showing some people my boxes, I was directed the the Purdue Foundry. They have helped form and shape our business into something more than I could have imagined it. In addition to that I have found friends along the way. These friends have helped connect us to artist who have created some of the wonderful pieces that adorn the boxes. In addition I found Birdteeth Creative which has helped with understanding Social media, marketing, and Videography.

Nuggit Games is based in Lafayette, Indiana.